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Firefly gives the business users, and the IT users, the ability to create and manage customised information systems.

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Firefly accelerates the delivery of Business Intelligence Solutions – and builds on its knowledge using its inbuilt AI capability to determine what you and your business needs to know. Departing form the typical life cycle of BI and IT projects, Firefly will automatically develop its own suggestions for information within your business.

Firefly rapidly creates solutions for users on its own, or can be guided by the users, using the “click and collect” technology incorporated into the system. Click on a source – Firefly will collect the data. No need for expensive analysis, complex requirements gathering, tedious ETL, and never ending testing.

Firefly enables users to accelerate the delivery of information about your business, your way – offering Information for Everyone at the touch of a button. Users can rapidly create working solutions, without complex technical skills or experiences.

Firefly has been developed with simplicity in mind.

Firefly can provide organisations of all sizes with a full end-to-end Information Management solution. It will bring data together from any configurable source and display it in a clear and professional manner. This can be done within your operational business reporting or through dashboards and other information visualisation methods.

The environment, reports and dashboards are accessible using all the platforms available in a modern working environment.  You will have access to information in and out of the office using desktops, laptops or mobile devices.

You can work and be informed about your business when you are away from the office via your tablet or smartphone. You can be kept up to date or alerted through email, SMS or services such as Pushover.

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From the moment your organisation starts using it, Firefly will start to monitor the usage of all your reports, dashboards and other data points. Firefly will learn who is using what, when are they using it and who else in the organisation is consuming similar data. Firefly is easy to use and has good functionality, helping users to understand complex company data from all angles. Firefly will make smart, informed suggestions of other data, additional reports, new dashboards and data trends from either inside the companies own closed data set or from publicly available and appropriate external sources.

A solution for every industry!

Firefly can help improve business decision by easing the administrative and IT burdens associated with data analysis and reporting. Firefly can help businesses with marketing analysis, financial analysis, sales analysis and billing, customer care and CRM analysis. Providing real time results Firefly can help you identify problems such as fraud detection and network fault identification.

With Firefly you can get fast answers to your business questions, rather than spending countless hours reading through reports. Firefly will analyse all of your data in seconds to provide you with the information you want in just a few moments.

Firefly gives you a greater insight into costs, showing areas where adjustments can be made to achieve greater profitability. Firefly will help your finance department manage their quote to cash process, and HR department manage employee turnover, performance and development.

Firefly helps businesses really understand their business data, so that teams can work together to resolve issues and improve business processes.

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