I can create a dashboard of whatever I need, whenever - Why do I need your product?

Our solution consolidates information, providing an integrated and up to date view, accessible at all times without the need to keep on regenerating it.

Firefly will also suggest information that you should look at, that you may not have considered – and may not even know existed. Firefly has its own Artificial Intelligence that will work for you.

How is your product different from any other dashboard tool on the market?

Firefly maintains your data in its history for auditing and trend analysis, without further development – typically a standard dashboard toolset does not maintain historic or past data. Many other dashboard tools are limited by the capability of the data source they are connected to. Our product addresses this by allowing you to automate the creation of data store designed to support your information needs, thereby allowing you to build a true data warehouse capability.

Why do we need your product when we have experts to provide this solution?

Our solution works really well with your in house strategy, it aims to improve productivity and engagement of both your BI experts and also the business stakeholders you work with. In case study projects we have seen projects accelerated, creating a time and cost saving of up to 40%, along with the many other benefits Firefly provides.

How does your product differ from our current in house solution?

We have developed an innovative product which allows you to develop and build a dashboard solution faster and with fewer challenges. The approach is complementary to any existing solution, which can provide real benefits.

What data types can your solution connect to?

Our product will read and process data held in flat files, relational databases, spreadsheets and also connect to application interfaces and web services.

Have a look at some of the channels Firefly can connect to.

What are the system requirements?

Most of our users do not need to worry about this. Firefly in the cloud will be implemented to meet your needs, utilising the cloud hardware to grow when necessary.

However, for some of our clients who require on site deployments, Firefly solution is designed to work on a Microsoft platform and uses Windows, SQL Server as the basis of the solution. Any machines with access to these can be used for the solution to operate.

Where would your product be installed?

Usually in the cloud – saving you infrastructure and maintenance costs. Or, Firefly can be installed on a Windows server within your own IT infrastructure. In addition, there is a component of the product which would be installed on those users machines who will build solutions. All other users who will be interacting with the dashboards and screens can use a web based browser.

Does your product just join tables and systems etc?

We do a whole lot more than this. Our solution allows you to integrate a wide variety of data types and sources to build data warehouses, cubes and dashboards. We don’t just provide information – clients can input targets and report on the progress – they can create action plans and produce management packs (known as active BI). And – Firefly can tell you what it thinks you need to know, using the inbuilt AI capability.

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