Firefly has a unique search capability that allows users to search for the information they request rather than navigating their way to it.

It has many special features that allow Firefly to convert your answers into relevant formats.Using the question asked Firefly will also show you information that may also be relevant using its inbuilt AI.

On the Move

Firefly’s responsive design allows users to work from any device comfortably. This means users can stay up to date with the latest reports from their business wherever they are, and at any time of the day.

Intelligent Engine

Firefly has an Intelligent Engine – Its Artificial Intelligence makes smart choices about your information. Not only will Firefly show you what you would like to see, when and how you would like to see it, but Firefly will also develop its own suggestions from information within your business.

Sharing Information

Firefly allows users to share information across many different groups and public places. Firefly allows users to decide who they would like to share this information with and restrict access if needed.

Channel Integration

Firefly allows users to bring information in from various data channels such as PayPal, Kashflow and Facebook. Firefly does all of the hard work of integrating this information across and helps to reduce cost by utilising your existing information.

Advanced Drag & Drop Functionality

Firefly was made with user experience at the forefront of its priorities. The easy to use drag and drop functionality allows users to create pages based on what they would like to see, and how they would like to see it. The drag and drop functionality has been divided into rows, columns and widgets, allowing users to easily edit the structure their page. Users have the ability to drop elements onto their workspace, move them around, collapse each element, and when they are no longer needed, they can be deleted.


With Firefly each user has their own profile, which allows them to combine business and personal data in one place. Users have the ability to create groups, they can invite existing users, or invite new users join. Users can create as many groups as they like, these may be groups for different areas of the business, groups depending on your position or anything else. Users can grant access to specific information within a group. Users can also pass on their administrative controls to other users in that group.

Recipe Builder

With Firefly you can create complex calculations, alerts and validations using the simple Recipe Builder. Alerts can be pushed to your mobile device. Firefly uses the data you already own as the ingredients to your success.


Firefly gives users the capability to customise the look and feel of your workspace to make it fit within your business. You can change the logo and manage the Firefly branding so that it fits comfortably alongside your business.


Information Assist

Firefly uses its Information Assist architecture to remain continually up to date, it gives the user easy access to related information which may be sourced externally. These could be paid or public sources that enrich the information provided by the channels that users will have already configured.


Easily scalable

Firefly is easily scalable and can grow as your business grows. It is  easy to use and has good functionality, helping users to understand complex company data from all angles.

Dashboard Toolset

In addition to pre-configured front end dashboards, Firefly allows you to deploy a bespoke front end to support your business needs.

Generate DWH & Cube

Build data warehouses and cube based dashboards and reporting solutions quickly and in iterative fashion.

Interactive Portal

Information can be collected and presented to the user, making the delivery of information an active process.

Requirements Management

Multiple users can access the shared project repository to capture, track and manage your business and technical requirements.

Project Definition & Planning

Use our project manager to create your project goals, understand the scope and monitor your progress against targets.

Information Consolidation

Collate data from multiple sources and structures to build information sets that improve business knowledge.

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